Creating Stories within Brands.

The farmer

BrandFarm films was established by the son of a Farmer - Ross Jones who grew up on the fringes of the Cotswolds and spent his earliest years learning the importance of nurturing crops, enjoying his surroundings and the people within it. 

Fifteen years ago he left this family home and headed for the bright lights of the city, where he replaced seed and sod for some of the UK’s most important consumer and financial brands. Whilst the rural setting changed, the role has pretty much remained the same, nurturing brands and relationships. 

After 13 years experience in some of London’s leading communication groups he left the city to come back to the farm to establish BrandFarm Films, a collective of producers, directors and cinematographers with the same storytelling approach.

His passion is to define and bring to life consumer relevant stories that are true to the heart and soul of their brands. These stories should be able to bear the
scrutiny of today’s digital native customer.